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WARNING  This website contains explicit erotic material suitable only for those who are eighteen years of age and older. Please do not proceed if you are underage. To subscribe to BLOG see “BLOG” on right hand column and click on orange button. Please feel free to leave comments as long as you aren’t scamming!!!

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Savannah just wants to find her father. So why are religious militia, proArab groups, a hot ex-cop and his FBI step- brother after her?






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Samantha is a city girl who can broker any deal – except perhaps, on a ranch with the Sandford brothers, who never agree on anything.




HEAR the first chapter of The Ghosts’ Release and a chat to Texan Linda Mooney

HEAR some of the second chapter with another Texan, CK Webb – why is Misty hiding in the smugler’s caves?

HEAR ME TALK TO Mou Ghose on her LA Blog Radio program about were-devils, were-wolves and writing!





















Welcome to the web site of Simone Sinna, erotic fiction author … and erotic-fiction romance suspense author…

Erotica needs to be arousing, sensual and something to take to bed with your partner or vibrator; and lots of it (and with two men in the Were-Devil series and “Breaker” novellas…). But you will find plenty of story and character as well to keep you interested…Guys, Sinnaman and two other male friends thinks it works for them too!

Keep in touch as I will be updating with regular blogs from myself and from Stephanie Beauman, heroine of Embedded, Exposé and Exclusive.

First three of four of Were-Devils of Tasmania series now available here. (First two on Amazon on link below).

To purchase the all three in Stephanie Beauman’s trilogy of erotic romance suspense click here or on amazon.

Short story “Brushstrokes” shortlisted for Stringybark Erotic Short story competition and now published in Heat Wave of ’76 and “Unconventional” short listed in the Stringybark Twisted competition and published in Tainted Innocence, “The Eighth Sin“ in Seven Deadly Sins and another erotic short story “Night game” appears in Between the sheets is available here

Photos on this site: Thanks to D.Harper for the two French photos (the ones where the photographer clearly knows what he’s doing)

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  1. Shan a.k.a Book Pimp Aug 13th 2013

    Love your site here Simone. Easy to find your way around which is great. Hope to meet you at Riding The Waves. I’ll be supervising the merchandise table ;-)

  2. SimoneSinna Aug 13th 2013

    Thanks! Have books packed and ready to go – nothing to wear though (yet). Nautical…mmmmm, See you there!

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