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Were-Devils and Ghost Vampires

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 This series is four books, the last The Ghosts’ Release, comes out in April this year!

Each book has a completely different heroine and two heroes and can be read as stand alone, but the background story develops and finally climaxes in The Ghosts’ Release. There is some time overlap and characters reappear in the background as the books progress.

The story is action packed and traces the were-devils who descended from the Tasmanian Devil and ghost vampires (and a love affair between them that went wrong pre World War II) who descended from the northern vampires (mentioned in Were-Devils’s Revenge and will return with a venegance in the final book) who hold the secret to all viruses and use them to control the world.






Reviews for WereDevils’ Curse: Five Stars on Siren and First professional review – Four Stars from Guilty Pleasures “unique”! Four Hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews ( )

What a Awesome Book, really enjoyed the story, loved the charaters and how they interacted with each other the sex was just plain HOT !!!! look forward to more in this series. On a personal not being from Tasmania and knowing the plight of the Devils it was great that the writer brought this important issue to the for front, thank you for bring the Tassie Devils to the wider world community. BUY   Reviewed by: Crysa (Date: 10/12/2012)

Simone Sinna’s writing is a pleasure to read, and honestly I am just a little jealous. Intelligent, well written but still snappy, Simone weaves and erotic tale telling each character’s story expertly. I have admit, I usually don’t read straight menage but I do intend to read the next in this series. Do yourself a favor and do not miss this book. Kudos Simone. BUY   Reviewed by: Alex Carreras (Date: 10/29/2012)


Really enjoyed the second book in the Were Devil’s series, it had eveything that I love in a great erotic romance from history, suspence, HOT love scenes and Sexy Hot Men. Also being a Tasmanian I understand the importance of awareness of the plight of the Devils and see anything that brings this to the attention of other readers its a totally good thing. Thank You Simone for an Awesome read look forward to the next book :) BUY   Reviewed by: Crysa (Date: 01/29/2013) Total reviews by this reviewer: 52 See all my reviews

Reviews for Weredevils’ Curse/Revenge at Coffee Time Romance


5 lyres at Rites of Romance 4 feb 13

“sizzles…and heatrbreaking too!” “action packed!”

Simone Sinna continues the exciting saga between the were-devils and the vampire ghosts in The Ghosts’ Return. This time it’s Lena’s turn to discover the joy of two scrumptious men who know how to take her to orgasmic ecstacy. Ms Sinna mixes Aussie history and bio-science with fantasy beings to bring her readers an arousing blend. BUY   Reviewed by: Jill Blair (Date: 02/05/2013)


5 Stars Ghost’s release is absolutely amazing! The details are explicit, and the story flows effortlessly. I fell in love with the characters and experienced things through their eyes. I purchased this book earlier today, and couldn’t put it down until I had finished! The only negative thing I have to say is that I now have laundry and dishes waiting on me! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I am addicted. .. I highly recommend everyone to read this! BUY   Reviewed by: Shae Shannon (Date: 04/05/2013)

I’d never read Simone Sinna before but this won’t be my last time! She’s very engaging, painting a very clear picture of the world of were-devils, ghosts and vampires. This is the 4th book of the series and a must read! Great characters and an exciting plot! BUY   Reviewed by: Beth D. Carter (Date: 04/04/2013)



Were-Devils’ Curse

Jarrod and Jesse Tremain are extraordinary men even before Becc Morton discovers their secret. Working with their father to try to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction in the remote wilds of Tasmania, Australia, Becc find she is instantly attracted to them both, as they are to her.

But the Destroyers, a group descended from the False Vampire Bats, threaten both Becc’s and her men’s future happiness as well as the survival of the Were-Devil species. A curse from love gone wrong two generations earlier looks like it may be reenacted as the Seer’s stones tell of an uncertain future.

Racing against time, a secret from Becc’s past threatens them all, and the Were-Devil brothers are given a choice, as the prophecy foretells. Will they make the right choice, and can they save their father and still both have a future with Becc?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Genre: Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Length: 26,311 words

Were-Devils of Tasmania 2

Were-Devils’ Revenge

A curse from a doomed love torn apart by war and bigotry looks set to rebound, as Mac and Mitch Mortimer, two were-devils, are intent on exacting revenge for their dying sister against an ancient order of ghost vampires who infected her.

On ghost territory in tropical Queensland, they come up against more than they bargain for—close encounters with the ghosts, a gathering of the ghost clan, and a matriarch with attitude, to say nothing of the feisty Gabriella Vitali, who they have both fallen for before they realize she’s one of the enemy.

Gabriella in turn finds herself torn between loyalty to her family and her love for two men from the enemy clan who are threatening to kill those she loves. As prophesized, they are each faced with a choice that will either help end the curse or ensure it reverberates through generations to come. Will revenge or love triumph?

Genre: Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter

Length: 30,736 words

Were-Devils of Tasmania 3

The Ghosts’ Return

Lena Magnussen is unhappily lost in a romance novel on a charter boat when fate intervenes in the form of two hot men, Lincoln and Kael Tremain. Only problem is she is a ghost vampire and they are the enemy, were-devils.

The men know who she is and presume she senses them, but the curse, after two generations, is about to turn against the ghosts. They find they are racing against time, battling age-old hatreds between the groups, and trying to make sense of Lena’s illness—the old curse or the Hendra virus Lincoln is working on, which could be the one his father caused to mutate in order to exact revenge.

In a gripping climax, the ghosts return to Tasmania to rescue Lena and her cousin Gabriella from the were-devils they love, and in doing so threaten to finally wipe out the remaining were-devils and their home Tarrabah.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Genre: Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifters

Length: 28,031 words






Story Excerpt

Becc heard the car stop over by the house and a car door’s slam. She was pretty sure that at least one of the voices was a woman’s, and curious, she went to the door and peered out.

The car was a compact SUV, probably a good choice given the condition of the road. The two new arrivals were rugged up in what looked like brand new bad-weather walking outfits. The man was in khaki colors, a bear with a shock of white hair and a huge camera hung over his arm. Tilman walked over to them. The woman, in fawn, Becc recognized. It was the tall blonde woman from town. The woman, rather than looking at Tilman, turned in Becc’s direction and her eyes focused on her. Becc felt her hand stroking the devil stone in her pocket before she even knew what she was doing. Shaken, Becc withdrew inside wondering who they were.

Tilman returned to the Center about ten minutes later. She hadn’t heard the car depart, so she was not surprised to see the visitors in tow.

“Come and join us for coffee.” It was a statement rather than an invitation. Becc followed Tilman, aware that he was on edge, and watched curiously as he again locked the door behind him.

“Why do you lock it?” Becc asked.

Tilman looked at her. “It must always be locked, no exceptions,” he said. “There are people who…would like me to fail.”

The groups who were opposed to him having an infected animal this side of the highway?

She wondered if she should ask who the visitors were but figured she’d find out soon enough.

Lena, the cool blonde with the green eyes was introduced as a reporter from Brisbane, Queensland, Zac as her camera man. His eyes, like hers, were green, and both their skins were so white as to seem translucent.

“They want to do an article on the work I’m doing here with the devils,” said Tilman. He seemed distracted, and after a few minutes Becc decided she was being used as a delaying tactic. Tilman was looking out for his sons. For them to appear or in hope they wouldn’t? And why?

“I only arrived yesterday,” said Becc. “But you’ve come from even further than me. Why the interest from Brisbane?”

“We work for Nature’s World,” said Lena with a smile that showed her white teeth to full effect but without any warmth. “We cover an array of animal stories. The devil’s plight is an uniquely Australian one.”

“Quite,” agreed Becc. “But you’ve come a long way from where most of the ‘Save the Tasmanian Devil’ action is happening. Have you been to the Conservation Park?”

“Yes of course,” said Lena. “I interviewed Professor Van der Veill early in the week.”

Becc intuited rather than saw a slight movement from Tilman. She wondered if one his son’s was in the vicinity, but if so, he didn’t materialize.

“He suggested I also speak to Professor Tremain,” Lena continued. “We’d love to get a photo, perhaps of you both?”

“No.” Tilman’s tone was decisive enough to leave no room for doubt. “I don’t do photos, and the animals are asleep so we can’t disturb them.”

Lena shrugged. “Perhaps then you can tell us a bit about your progress then?”

She was really very attractive, thought Becc, but why did it feel so faked? Certainly the woman was wearing a lot of makeup and her long fingernails were painted bright red. Becc looked self-consciously to her own, which hadn’t seen more than a cursory file in months. Lena on the other hand looked pristine, right down to the walking boots that had surely never seen more dirt than the walk from the car to the house.

“My father doesn’t talk about his work.”

Becc recognized Jarrod’s voice immediately. She again felt a flicker of movement from Tilman, and this time she was sure it was relief.

Lena looked toward the door where Jarrod was standing, Jesse at his side. The tension that filled the air was so strong that Becc found herself holding her breath. The devil stone she had transferred to her jeans pocket seemed to will itself into her hand.

“What a pity,” said Lena, her voice now not just cold but with a dangerous edge. Becc almost thought she saw a snarl. The bear-sized man at her side seemed to have grown in stature beside her. “I suppose you two don’t want to be in a photo either? You’d make a…striking…image to bring attention to…the devil.”

Becc saw Jarrod put his hand on Jesse’s arm. It seemed to restrain him. Something was going on beneath the surface here that Becc could sense but not understand. Bad blood went through her mind and as it did Lena turned her green eyes toward her, the corner of her mouth turning upward. With a start, Becc wondered if the woman could actually read her mind?

“And with your….girlfriend would be even better,” said Lena.

This time Jesse did move forward, and as Jarrod held onto him tighter, it was Tilman that stood and intervened.

“I’m sorry you’ve come so far for no purpose,” he said. “I’ll show you out to the car seeing as we can’t help you.”

“Of course,” said Lena. But on her way out she turned and stepped toward Becc. “If you change your mind,” she said in a low voice, pushing a card into Becc’s hand as she spoke. The touch, though brief, sent a physical chill directly into her blood stream.

Becc stifled a gasp as the cold coursed through her veins. She stared after the woman and watched as Tilman ushered her and her cameraman out. When she turned to look for Jarrod and Jesse, they had gone.

Adult Excerpt

Becc must have fallen asleep, because she didn’t hear a knock, but suddenly she was aware that she wasn’t alone. Though she started at the realization, she was almost immediately lulled back into a sense of deep relaxation and contentment.

“Jarrod,” she whispered. He stood before her, naked to the chest, shadows from the fire flickering across his flesh, making him look dark and exotic. She couldn’t see his eyes, but knew they were on her as she stood.

“My love,” he said. He folded his arms around her from behind, with her between him and the fire, massaging her breasts through the cotton of her top.

“I would like to have you here, on the rug,” he whispered into her ear, his words hot and sensual, the mellifluous tones mesmerizing her as much as the flames in the fireplace were.

“Yes,” she replied without hesitation. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her, where her normal common sense and caution had disappeared, but something that felt so good couldn’t possibly be anything to worry about.

“But I want you to enjoy not just me,” said Jarrod gently. “Will you trust me?”

Becc felt a wave of anticipation, but though it was tinged with fear, it was the nervousness of excitement rather than terror. She knew not why, but yes she did trust him, this man she had known for little more than twenty-four hours. Not enjoy just me? It had to mean what she thought it meant, had to mean what her body craved for, something that up until two days ago had never occurred to her, and now had her juices running with anticipation.

“Yes,” she said simply. No more than a few seconds passed, and again without hearing the door or his approach, she looked to see Jesse there in the room with them, naked also to the waist, his torso hairless, broad and muscular and gleaming with sweat in the firelight.

No words were spoken. Becc leant back into Jarrod, who was needed to keep her upright. Her eyes locked Jesse’s, who held onto the edge of the mantelpiece, seeming as much in need of support as she was. Jarrod’s hands came down, caressing her neck and then gently undoing the buttons of her blouse. She saw Jesse tense, eyes now watching as his brother exposed the milky flesh above her breasts and the mauve lace bra that allowed her now-hardened nipples to be seen.

Becc was barely aware of Jarrod lowering the blouse off her shoulders, and then undoing the bra and slipping the straps down to release her breasts. But she was completely aware of Jesse’s reaction, the moan that escaped his lips and the bulge in his trousers that seemed certain to burst the zip.

“Taste her,” said Jarrod softly, inviting his brother. For a moment it seemed Jesse was paralyzed but then he took the step forward, sinking his head between her breasts, a hand on each one to take each nipple in turn to his mouth.

The sensation was exquisite. Behind her the softness of Jarrod’s lips and tongue on her neck and ear contrasted to the more insistent mouth of Jesse, pulling her nipple and chewing, a feeling that bordered on pain, had not it been for the compensating waves of electricity that it sent through her.

Becc could feel the heat of both men, the desire clear in Jarrod in the hardness of his cock as it rubbed against her butt. Jesse now moved his hands to her hips and knelt down in front of her, his mouth going to her belly button, licking her before his teeth gripped the button of her jeans and pulled them open. More impatient than Jarrod, he pulled her jeans down, but Jarrod’s hands came onto her hips from behind, clamping over the side strings of her thong and keeping it in place. Jesse ran his hands down, touching her bare legs as he dragged the jeans with them, but in front of his eyes was the triangle of flimsy lace material between him and her sex.

Jesse groaned. Jarrod had a hand on each breast, kissing her and pulling her tight to him, as Jesse leant forward and ran his tongue from her umbilicus, downward to the edge of her thong as his hands were edging upward to the top of her thighs.

Becc had never experienced such bliss. The ability to give herself to these two men and whatever they had planned was opening doors into pleasure zones she hadn’t known existed. Jarrod seemed to be completely in tune with her, as if he had a direct connection to her soul and was able to read her every need almost before she herself was aware of it. Through the subtlest of signals he seemed to be able to accelerate and pull back Jesse’s pace. Just as she thought she couldn’t bear the suspense of him delaying touching her more intimately, Jarrod, pulling her to him, dropped to his knees, lowering her with him, then slid her onto the thick rug stretched before the fire.

Jarrod let her rest back, as he stood again. He and Jesse stood over her and both lowered their jeans and briefs. Becc took them both in, awed that men could be so beautiful. And not just one, but two, both fixated and adoring of her. In the firelight their bodies looked smooth and muscular, Jesse stronger and tauter with a wide cock that left her wondering about him entering her, Jarrod fit and lean, cock long and hard as he watched her.


Story Excerpt

Mac smelt him before he saw him. All his senses were on alert and Mac felt his brother tense beside him. The blond Destroyer also had his arms around Gabriella, which didn’t help. It took all of Mac’s control not to transform and rip the man’s neck out.

“He’s a ghost?” Mitch whispered.

“Yes. And he knows what we are, too.”


The brothers moved slowly toward the other end of the bar, watching Gabriella and the Destroyer.

“He can’t be Zachary,” said Mitch. “Not big enough.”

Mac had already come to this conclusion. It was hardly surprising that there were more. What they had decided to do in Cairns on Friday was get a sense of the size of the problem. Now it looked as though they might have an earlier opportunity.

“We can’t do anything here,” said Mitch.

“No,” Mac agreed. “Gabriella’s safety comes first.” He saw his brother’s expression. Until now he’d tried to hide the extent of his attraction.

“Shit,” said Mitch. “A Destroyer with the girl we both want. Fuck.”

The curse. Mac gripped the side of the bar. Both brothers had death on their minds at the moment. Was this the instinct that the prophecy said they had to overcome?

Mac didn’t reply because at that moment Gabriella was heading toward them. The blond man was leaning against the bar, eyes fixed in their direction.

“So are you boys planning on being social?”

Mac took a mouthful of beer and smiled tightly. “We didn’t want to interrupt.”

“You mean Wilson? He’s an old friend and comes along for the dancing.”

Mac barely heard her. Mitch replied. “Known him long?”

“Pretty much all my life,” said Gabriella. “He’s a local Cairns boy. I went to school with him.”

The brothers relaxed a little.

“Everyone knows everyone up here,” she added, frowning a little.

Mac tried smiling. “Big families?”

“Huge,” said Gabriella, laughing. “And not just the Italian Catholic ones. I have cousins and second cousins everywhere.”

“I guess no one wants to leave paradise,” said Mitch, whose smile looked completely natural. “Dance?”

The band was still setting up.

“I promised the first to Wilson,” said Gabriella awkwardly. “We usually do it as a bit of a show piece.”

“Then the second?”

“Absolutely! See you then.” Gabriella headed off to talk to one of the junior employees who had just dropped a box of cutlery.

The brothers looked at each other. It was going to be a long night but they’d have to wait until Wilson left before dealing with him.

Adult Excerpt

“My brother is very greedy,” said Mitch softly from behind her. Gabriella could feel his lips on her bare shoulder, the heat from his body cocooning her.

“Not as greedy as I’m feeling,” said Gabriella, as she sat back against Mitch, watching Mac. Both men were dressed only in shorts, their bare torsos glistening as if they had run the length of the beach to find her. Her white dress had buttons down the front, and she pulled Mac’s hands to them. He didn’t need any more guidance. As Mitch licked and traced along the edge of her ear with his tongue, Mac undid her buttons slowly. By the third one the tight dress opened and her bare breasts spilled out of its confines. Both men moaned, Mac leaning forward to take each breast gently in his hands, massaging them as Gabriella pushed her head back into Mitch, savoring the feeling of having two men undress and pleasure her while clearly delighting in the experience.

Mac took a nipple in his teeth and pulled and licked as Mitch did the same with each of her ears. She felt hands over her legs and breasts and she was no longer sure or cared whose hands were whose, only that the feeling was so intense that she thought she might come just from the sheer excitement of being sandwiched between two[S1]  men. They had asked her what she liked and she hadn’t known. Now she knew without any doubt that what she liked was these two men doing whatever they wanted with her.

After what seemed to Gabriella like a long, pleasurable sojourn Mac pulled back and returned to undoing more buttons. He seemed to delight in taking his time, amused as Gabriella began squirming as her imagination inflamed her desire.

“I think she’s getting impatient,” said Mac, grinning at the effect they were having on her. He brushed a hand up her leg and Gabriella moaned.

“Stop teasing,” she said, trying to sound petulant but only succeeding in showing just how much she wanted them.

“I wonder if she’ll get even more turned on if we go even slower,” said Mitch.

Gabriella turned her head, trying to frown at him, but Mitch answered the look by bringing his lips down over hers. She lost herself in the kiss, in Mitch’s hands cupping her breasts and then finally in Mac licking her belly button that was now exposed. She felt totally in their control and was more than willing to be so. The feeling was exquisite.

Mac’s hands returned to the remaining buttons. Finally, the last button was undone and Mac pulled the soft, silky folds of her dress away from her legs where until now they had hidden the sliver of her thong and the folds of her thighs. Gabriella had been kneeling until now. Mitch pulled her back into his lap and she extracted her legs from beneath her. Mac knelt between them, and tickled the inside of her thighs, edging closer to the thong. The anticipation had Gabriella trembling, and the casual brush over the material turned it to a shudder.

“You’re beautiful,” said Mac. “I’d like to stay here forever.”

“Mmm,” agreed Gabriella, not trusting herself to say anything else.

“Do you think we should take off her thong, little brother?”

“Do you think she wants you to?” asked Mitch, one hand from behind slipping under the side of the thong. Gabriella wriggled, thinking yes please!

“Maybe she isn’t ready yet,” Mac teased, moving his hands down to her calves.

“Oh yes,” Gabriella said, thinking if they didn’t hurry up she might have to jump them.

“Are you sure?” said Mitch, hand now cupping a buttock and finger getting dangerously close to her asshole.

“Yes,” said Gabriella, wriggling all the more, though Mitch pulled her to him so she wasn’t about to move anywhere fast. The brothers were clearly enjoying teasing her, and Gabriella felt torn between the tantalizing anticipation and desire to have them in her. Each time Mac pulled back she could feel more juices running down her leg. They seemed to know her better than she did herself.

Mac leant down and licked her belly button again and then worked his tongue down to the edge of her thong, pulling on the material with his teeth. With Mitch working on the sides, the thong now exposed the reddish hair of her mound. Mac sat back and looked at her, hands this time tracing over the mound and then ever so slightly beneath it to the edge of her slit. The other hand slipped under the side of her thong and caressed a lip of her cunt. Gabriella thought she would come, so intense was the feeling the waved through her entire body.



She was calling him before she knew what she was doing, and then when they both were there, standing at the foot of her bed, she knew she had sent two messages simultaneously though she had never done such a thing before and had not even known it was possible. One went to Kael, a cry to be soothed and loved. The other, to Lincoln, was to be held and protected, though she did not know what from.

They stood there wordlessly, both naked to the waist, Kael lean and Lincoln broad, taking up the entire of the doorway. Watching her in a way no one, not even Zac, ever had.

Lena sat up wide-eyed and pulled the sheet around her, aware she was wearing only her lace panties.

“We’ll leave if you ask us to,” said Kael.

“Or stay and just hold you if that’s all you want.”

Lena closed her eyes and felt her grandmother with her. Love isn’t easy but as essential to life as breathing.

She opened her eyes. “Be gentle,” she whispered.

The brothers looked at each other. Kael sat at the end of the bed, calm radiating from him as his hand rested on her sheet covered leg. Lincoln hesitated then sat beside her, an arm bringing her to his chest. It felt firm and solid, safe. She leaned against him as his hand went through her silky, blonde hair, lips kissing her forehead.

The electricity she had felt earlier now went through her in waves. Kael slowly pulled the sheet off her, tickling her legs as he admired her body. “You look like an exquisite art piece that touching might spoil,” he murmured.

Lena felt as if she had spent most of her life falling short of anyone’s assessment as a woman. For reasons she couldn’t fathom, these men seemed to like her just as she was. Kael read her thoughts and grinned. Both hands rubbed up and down her legs, alternating between a firm massage and a light tickle that set off goose bumps. Lincoln edged himself behind her so she could use him to rest against, and in doing so he was able to bring his arms around her, holding and protective, but then moving over her breasts. Lena had seriously considered having them reduced. But now as Lincoln made clear his appreciation, any lingering anxieties evaporated. He moaned with pleasure as his hands massaged her, circling her nipples and watching them harden and lengthen under his touch. He sank his lips into her hair, her neck and ears, nibbling and licking, savoring the taste of her.

Kael edged his fingers under each side of her panties then slowly pulled them down. Lena closed her eyes, wondering at how she had ever dared to let herself be so wanton. But each moment was more delicious than the last and seemed to be so right. She felt more at ease and comfortable with these two men than she ever had with Zac, even though he was family and she had known him all her life.

Kael, having removed her panties, stood and dropped his own briefs, his cock long and hard as he peeled a condom over it. Then he knelt between her legs, easing them apart as he licked the inside of one inner thigh and then the other. The feeling of his tongue tickling within an inch of her pussy but not going closer kept her on the edge. She hadn’t ever known she could stay suspended like this for so long and in such a state of pleasure.

Lincoln brought his lips over hers, a hot breathy kiss that became deeper and more insistent as he pinched her nipples. Kael moved his lips over a nipple, biting gently and then harder until pain and ecstasy seemed to blur and become one. It heightened her desire, and her pelvis was starting to grind as she increasingly wanted them to take her completely. Lincoln eased out from behind her to find a condom. Lena lay back on the pillow, and Kael pushed up her legs, his mouth now coming over her mound and searching out her clit.

Lena groaned as Kael dipped his tongue into her slit and tasted her pussy juices. His fingers on her lips separated them fully so he could access her with his tongue, pressing deep inside. The feeling was delicious, the writhing of her pelvis in time with Kael’s licking and thrusting creating an ever-increasing spiral until Lena moaned that she needed him inside her.

Kael tried a finger first, tentatively and gently, but deeper than his tongue had been, then sat beside her as Lincoln on her other side trailed his fingers over her slit and ran his tongue over her. But swapping again, Lincoln returned to kiss her lips and breasts as Kael knelt closer and eased his cock over her slit.

“Are you sure?” he whispered.

Lena had never been so sure of anything in her life. As they joined they both gasped, Lena wanting to suck him deeper and deeper into her, body and soul, as Kael, thrusting with a need that seemed to take him by surprise, brought them both to climax within less than a minute. Lena gasped as it coursed through her, but almost immediately wanted Lincoln, too. She pulled gently away from Kael and, pushing Lincoln onto his back, sat astride him, lowering herself onto the firm shaft that was more than ready.

The change in position and man sent Lena off again, as desperate for Lincoln to fill her as she had been Kael. It took longer this time, but again it seemed they were matched and in synchrony. Lincoln following her signals, and pulling her hips down onto him, he pushed harder. She arched back, and, squeezing, they both came, shuddering until they were finally spent.

There were no more dreams on this night, just a deep, peaceful sleep. It would be the last for many months.







Old man Adam was growing weaker, but he used his influence to ensure Zac and Wilson got a good turnout. Some flew in. Others came in cars and trucks that bumped along the dirt road to the rambling house in the rainforest. It was the biggest gathering of ghosts Zac had ever seen, more than his grandmother’s funeral, with strong representation of both Karlssen and Magnussen families. Angel had not been invited, and her daughter, Gabriella’s mother, was also absent.

“Two generations have passed,” said Adam to the gathered crowd. “And now we have proof that the devils are indeed Satan’s spawn and have plotted our demise.”

There was murmuring. “I am dying of the illness they gave me, the same that killed my wife and has infected Lena also.”

No!” Zac knew without looking that it was Rose, Lena’s mother and Larissa’s half-blood daughter. The woman whose birth had started the whole curse. She pushed herself to the front of the crowd. “She can’t die! Angel said she was chosen to save us!”

“Save us?” snarled Adam. “Or save the devils that infected her?”

“Where’s my baby?” Rose cried out. Her husband, Randall, stood grim faced at her side.

“They have her,” said Zac, standing up. “And I mean to get her back.”

The crowd murmured.

“Torq Tremain as been here amongst us spreading a virus he made specifically to kill us,” said Zac, the crowd stilling to listen. “He is dead. But his sons are alive, and they have Lena who is one of us, a ghost.”

“We need to rescue her!” one voice came.

“Let’s kill the fucking Tremains, all of them, and have this over,” came another.

“So you’re with me?” asked Zac, punching his fist into the air.

“Aye,” said voice after voice. As Zac looked out into the shadowed, shimmering faces of his family and friends he saw a sea of arms and he felt a surge of optimism. He would get Lena back, and if the devil had cured her then surely they could work from that to save the rest of them. Only two held back and didn’t look like they would follow him. Damon and Kadar, Charles’s grandsons, nodded to him and withdrew.

“Then listen up,” Zac called out, ignoring them. “Here’s Adam’s plan.”


* * * *

The brothers took their idea to the university and, along with Tilman, pored over it for most of the night. Sticking with the principle that they only needed the first four rows, they needed eighteen families. Even then there were multiple combinations possible for the four or less names. For the columns where there weren’t four elements, which was most, they tried to match to families who had lost members and used only those who had survived. It was painstaking work. Kael, finding he was little use after his first initial brainwave, left the scientists to try and make sense of the equations when substituting the real element and went back to find Lena.

She was already asleep, and he crawled in beside her. As she stirred she automatically edged back into his arms, allowing him to hold her and wrap his body around hers. He was sure she had lost further weight, and her breathing was more labored. Please let her be saved.


* * * *

Auntie Kate’s dreams had become increasingly disturbed. In them the stone glowed so strongly that she could feel its heat. From the stone emanated swirls of mist full of ill tidings, some wrapping around her so she could hardly breathe, waking her at times and then revisiting her when she returned to her slumber. There was a darker swirl, too, one which chilled her core and left her with a strong smell of smoke, burning, and decay. This time when she woke she saw it was five a.m. Rather than go back to sleep she pulled back the bed covers and, wrapping a heavy, purple robe around her ample frame, made herself a tea and returned to her stones.

Kate murmured to herself, shaking her head. “Wrong question, I’ve been asking the wrong question.”

She placed the glowing stone back in with the others and, this time, made an incantation.

The were-devil curse had been the result of evil in the Northern world and in the heart of one ghost. After two generations it was said that the curse would turn. Kate now asked the stones for an answer to the rebound ghost curse that was surely already descending upon those in Queensland. What is the answer to the ghosts’ curse?

She dipped her hand in each time she was pulled to do so and again came up with seven stones. But this time it was three black and yellow stones and four ghost stones. One of the ghost stones was the same one that had burnt her hands on previous occasions. Lena.

“Lincoln and Lane,” Kate said to the were-devil stones and two amber flashes replied. She sighed and put them with Lena’s which still glowed, uncertain and unclear.

She touched the remaining stones gingerly, hoping for guidance. But the remaining were-devil stone and two of the ghost stones remained cool and closed. Only the final ghost stone spoke, and Kate knew instantly that this was the one of fire and decay, and it was coming closer. She needed to warn those it was coming to destroy.




“I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.”

The voice emerged from the fog to her right and Misty visibly started. She had excellent senses and though he was downwind, she should have heard him. Or rather, them. She had been thinking of the Bronte sisters’ lonely walks on the moors and Catherine calling for Heathcliff—now, confronted by two hooded men whose faces were in shadows underneath what looked like the heavy oiled Driza-Bone coats she’d had as a teenager, Misty was left wondering for a moment if she was dreaming.

“There’s a bog hole,” the voice explained in a lightly-Australian accent. The sort of accent an Australian had after living overseas for a few years, like Misty. This one didn’t have a British twinge however. Something more exotic.

“There are bog holes everywhere,’ said Misty, stepping closer to them. “Are you heading to Robin Hood’s Bay by any chance?”

With her step forward, both men almost imperceptibly stepped back, exchanging a look. Misty stopped, all her senses alert. “I was thinking it would be good to have someone lead the way or pull me out if I go down one of those holes.”

There was a moment of silence. The icy wind picked up, straight off the North Sea, bringing with it a sense of malaise that went deeper than the cold. Misty had no need to fear men, even two of them. She could easily defeat them had their intent been anything other than noble. But, though still upwind, her senses suggested they might not be just men.

The bulkier of the two, with lazier vowels, hesitated before asking, “You’re alone?”

Misty could just make out his face. There was a softness to his lips and a boyish look, perhaps because of the wet hair over his eyes. The half-smile looked genuine and she sensed concern, but it was the deep-green eyes that drew Misty’s attention. As if he knew they had given him away, he turned to the other man who had been watching her in silence.

“I don’t think it’s safe to be walking alone,” the boyish one continued to his companion. “We should ensure she gets there.”

“Of course.” This was the voice that had first spoken, more reserved, more measured. He had the same green eyes. “That is,” he continued, “if you think we are safer than the alternative.”

Misty stared at him. The tone wasn’t threatening, but in the words was a warning. She wasn’t sure of what. There was something about him that seemed oddly familiar. She stepped closer. This time the men remained still and any doubts about who they were vanished.

“You’re a long way from home,’ said Misty, trying to keep her tone light. Against these two, even with her unusual capabilities, a bookworm like her wouldn’t stand a chance.

Ghost destroyers.

“As are you,” said the measured man, his eyes never leaving her.

She wasn’t sure why she wasn’t feeling threatened. Which instinct to go with?





Misty held her breath, feeling their arousal, the anticipation of what might be coming leaving her shaking slightly. She could hear movement, one of them going to the bathroom and running the tap while the other dropped the warm oil onto her bush and rubbed his fingers into it, briefly circling over her clit. She moaned, wanting more, but he pulled back as his brother returned.

One moved to each side and pulled up her knees. More oil dripped, right into her crack, and then she felt the gentle tug as a razor started to remove the hair of her bush. She’d never had a Brazilian, thought the whole idea of wax and beauticians doing something so personal somewhat repugnant. But this was a whole different experience. She would be, as Damon said, totally nude before them, and the idea sent more butterflies through her stomach and juice into her slit.

It took a little time as the razor did its work, but Damon−and she was sure it was him as she went into his mind−kept to the pubic area and the inner thighs, not touching her lips until Kadar whispered to her, “Now for the fun bit.”

In her inner sanctum she could feel the men communicating but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but she quickly lost interest in listening when their fingers opened her up and the razor went over the lips and then onto the inner edges. They worked slowly and methodically, taking it in turns to do one side each. When she was finally denuded, each ran a finger very gently over her slit. Kadar circled around her clit, gently teasing it out, as it hardened. Tingling electrical impulses vibrated through her.

“We’re going to untie you and turn you over,” said Damon, and she found herself on her stomach, this time hands together over her head and her legs tied apart but with more movement possible.

“We want to look at your very delicious ass,” said Kadar as warm oil dropped down her crack. Fingers pulled apart her butt cheeks and she felt again the pull of the razor before fingers massaged over her asshole. One finger dipped inside and she nearly cried out ‘no,’ but before the word could form a wave of pleasure silenced her. She clamped on the finger and her hips began to rock.

“I think she’s enjoying this,” Damon murmured, moving in between her legs. “Let’s see if she likes this, too.”

Misty felt her hips being lifted until she was on her knees. Damon’s tongue licked over her ass as a finger, Kadar’s she thought, ran down her slit to her clit. She shivered. Now Damon’s face was in her cunt, licking and sucking as their pleasure again merged and she was for a moment uncertain where her excitement finished and his began.

“Oh yes,’ she moaned, writhing.

“Do you want a cock?” asked Kadar.

“Yes, please.”

“Could you manage two?”

“Yes,” Misty said, though she had no idea how, just that she wanted them both, badly. She felt Kadar moving over her, and gently he ran his cock over her mouth. The exquisite feelings that Damon was teasing her with left her feeling so helpless that the thought of sucking Kadar’s cock while still tied up seemed wildly desirable. She opened her mouth and licked the pre-cum, feeling Kadar’s response escalate to join her and Damon’s. She took the end in her mouth, tongue tracing all around until she sucked him into her as hard as she could.

She was aware of Damon’s fingers opening her cunt and moving his own cock up and down it. With one thrust he entered deep inside her, pulling her hips to him just as she lifted her head to take more of Kadar’s cock. The feeling of being filled by them both, simultaneously, sent shock waves through her. Electricity left her feeling so wired she was shaking until her muscles, clamping hard over Damon’s cock, escalated the sensation to a rippling orgasmic spasm. Both men eased their thrusts as she came, Damon leaning back while remaining hard in her. “Again,” he instructed after a moment, when her panting had calmed.

This time Damon put a finger in her asshole as his thrusts became more urgent. Misty felt at once she’d break and then that if it felt this good, she didn’t care. Her arousal escalated again and this time as she came, Damon released, and Kadar, half pulling out, shot warm cum over her. She felt totally anointed and that she would belong to them forever.





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