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Heartbreaker (BDSM, MFM) OUT IN MARCH 2014


Heartbreaker, the third book of Simone Sinna’s Breaker series, takes place
on a fast-paced journey across the U.S. from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.
via New York. The Aussie heroine, Savannah James, has hooked up with an ex-cop
private eye, Ben Masterton, and his step-brother, FBI Agent Zac Bateman, who are
trying to keep her safe while chasing her roots, her mysterious father, and the
terrorist connections of the right-wing Christian militia group, The Soldiers of
Leviticus. They are attempting to prove the patriarch of the fundamentalist
group is a terrorist responsible for bombings in the 1980’s and the recent
attempts to kidnap Savannah and prevent her connecting with her biological
father. Clues to the mystery are provided by items in a keepsake box left to her
by her dead mother, the ballerina Audrey James. The brothers are trying to
determine the involvement of Savannah’s unsavory step-father, Sal Mazzola aka
a Palestinian named Salil El Massari, who may have a connection to the current
mystery as well as the 1980s bombings in California and Rome. When the Christian
fundamentalists are successful in kidnapping Savannah and holding her hostage at
a farmhouse in Vermont, Zac and Ben, the FBI, and Savannah’s father’s
special forces team mount a rescue operation. A desperate swim in a raging cold
river, a fast foot chase through the woods after the dangerous zealot, and a
heartwarming first meeting between father and daughter keep this book moving
right along. Savannah’s visa is about to expire, and she has to return to
Australia. Would the two handsome brothers be able to let her go? Will there be
a happy ever after for the three lovers? The sex is ménage and hot – ice
cubes, nipple clamps, and crops, oh my! Champagne, warm chocolate syrup and
whipped cream, on no! Altogether a very satisfactory read. BUY
Reviewed by: Skye Michaels (Date: 03/13/2014) ON BOOKSTRAND SITE

After her mother dies, Savannah travels to the USA to search for the father she has never met, the only clues in a box her mother left her. But someone wants to stop her and is prepared to go to extreme lengths.

Ben and his FBI step-brother Zac want the religious militia group that is chasing her, but not quite as much as they want Savannah. She and Zac have never been the stay around types but as they make sense of the secrets of her past, they may also be able to find a way no one ends up heart broken.

As the search takes them from San Francisco to the east coast the stakes are raised after a shootout, and finding Savannah’s father may be the only way to keep her alive.

Ballbreaker (BDSM, MFM)


Samantha Coulton hates her job. She loves father who she can’t say no to, but unfortunately he is also her boss, and relies on her to be the ballbreaker in his hardest assignments. She is the only one that is likely to be able to broker a deal between Jeremy and his brother Mike Sandford after their father dies, over management of their sheep. If they can’t agree, then she gets a vote and the majority wins. Trouble is, the Sandford boys have other ideas. With her stuck on their sheep ranch until the deal is done, Jeremy plans to seduce her and Mike scare her off. But as both of them fall for her, and she them, things don’t go exactly according to plan, jeopardising the future of the farm unless Samantha can find a way for the brothers to work together against a common enemy.


Story Excerpt

The sleek black limo eased slowly up the drive. Sam took in her surroundings as Terry crept along the dusty drive, trying not to get the car covered in the red of the landscape. It was hot and windy, but the dirt driveway was lined with huge pine trees that had covered much of the ground with thick, brown pine needles, so the car looked likely to survive intact. The farmhouse was off to the left and she could just make it out through the dense foliage and white fences that looked in need of a paint. It sprawled across the rise, surrounded by a wide balcony that looked to offer spectacular views across the undulating, rocky landscape beyond. To her right were several huge sheds and a stable block. A few sheep and a horse in the paddocks that lined the drive stopped to watch as they went by.

This was time to take a deep breath and remember Consultant Image Class 101. First impressions were critical. Samantha had dressed and redressed several times. In the end she’d opted for the Grace Jones look. Severe back pantsuit and killer heels. She was already five eight. In these she’d be hitting six foot.

Terry brought the car to a halt alongside the main entrance to the house. Samantha could see two men standing on either side of the stairs, watching. She’d done her homework and knew who they were. Not that picking the difference was hard. There was a third, older man, she didn’t recognize.

Mike Stanford was on the right, leaning over the balustrade. Akubra hat, jeans and cowboy boots. Really? He’d been watching too many westerns. He looked about as pleased to have her arriving as she was to be there. There was no attempt to disguise the scowl. She had hoped that her father warning them she rather than he was coming might have had a softening effect. If so it wasn’t obvious. The older man beside Mike looked weather beaten in jeans and a grubby T-shirt. He reminded her of someone but she couldn’t think who. Perhaps he was the foreman.

On the left was Jeremy Sandford. Tall and lean, he was dressed in a loose-fitting, open-necked white shirt and casual, dark trousers that made him look like he was straight out of a Vogue shoot. She knew he had featured in more than one woman’s magazine in Australia’s top ten most eligible bachelors a year earlier. With an MBA, he was going to be the real trouble, and the fact that he looked like he was relaxed and even looking forward to this encounter filled her with even more misgivings. Why oh why had she given in to her father yet again?

Taking a deep breath, Samantha opened the car door and stepped out, cautious smile firmly in place. As she did so she looked directly at the men—never show you are intimidated—and had to work hard not to burst out laughing. From their expressions it was very clear that despite promising, her father had not made the phone call. All things considered, surprise was looking like it might be to her advantage.

The advantage lasted approximately thirty seconds. As Samantha was savoring the men’s astonished stares, Snape, her Chihuahua, realizing she was no longer restrained and confined to the car, took off at a full pelt and went directly into attack mode. The object of the attack was a dog on the verandah that was the size of a small pony, with enough hair to be a bear, and a mouth big enough that when opened as it was now, Snape pretty much disappeared into it.


Adult Excerpt

“So what does our little ballbreaker fancy?” Jeremy whispered in her ear.

Samantha was aware of how very wet she was and couldn’t think beyond wanting the men to take her.

“Whatever my Master says,” she murmured.

“Very good,” said Jeremy softly, as a finger dipped below her ass and into her cunt. “I might just let you undress Mike and lower yourself onto his cock. Does that appeal?”

Mike’s hand now went under her panties and to her clit. She moaned as a wave of pleasure made her juice even more.

“But you must not come,” said Jeremy, as she helped Mike take his jeans off. “Or else we’ll have to punish you.”

Mike lay naked back in the hay, peeling on a condom as his eyes took every part of her in. But Jeremy made her stand up, still, as he pulled off her shirt and then slowly, from behind, eased down her panties, a finger trailing down between her butt cheeks.

“Sit astride him,” Jeremy ordered. Mike appeared more than happy enough with the direction his brother was taking things. Samantha put a knee on either side of his torso, and rubbed her clit against the base of his balls. She felt a sharp sting as Jeremy slapped her butt.

“I didn’t tell you that you could do that did I?”

“You didn’t tell me I couldn’t either!” Samantha retorted.

Jeremy slapped her butt again, and just as he did, Mike’s hand went to her clit and rubbed hard. The sting of the slap and the pleasure from her clit merged and she gasped. Behind her she could hear Jeremy undressing as her eyes closed and she focused on the feeling of Mike’s fingers over her clit and between her pussy lips. She longed for them to enter her, and stifled a moan, wriggling her hips as she did.

“I rather think dear brother, she might want to be taken,” said Mike, cock more than ready to do just that.

“Does she just?” asked Jeremy, now naked and a condom in place. He knelt next to her, finger dipping into her juices and moving to her asshole, circling firmly. “Do you think you can do that without coming, Samantha?”

Samantha nodded though she wasn’t at all sure she could.

“Say yes Master.”

“Yes Master.”

“Then why don’t you fill yourself with Mike’s cock then?”

Samantha’s hands went to the base of Mike’s cock. It seemed far too large to be swallowed up by her. Stroking it, she watched Mike smile in appreciation, even more so as she let the tip glide over her pussy until it got to her opening. As she tentatively lowered herself, let him fill her, Jeremy pushed his finger harder into her ass. Her first reaction was to withdraw, unfamiliar with the feeling. Jeremy chewed on her ear and whispered “Do as you’re told unless you want to be punished.”

She gritted her teeth, and breathed. The feeling went from unfamiliar to uncomfortable, then suddenly she thought she was going to come. She gasped, muscles tense, finding she had to concentrate on holding back.  She found herself starting to rock her hips, revelling in the feeling of Mike’s cock stretching her, and the added pleasure as well as the uncertainty of just what Jeremy was doing and what he might do next.

“Lean forward,” Jeremy ordered. Samantha did as instructed, and Mike drew her to him, kissing her, tongue in her mouth as she felt Jeremy’s fingers entering her from behind again and then his tongue over her ass. It felt above all naughty. Certainly a long way from any previous experience. There were sensations she had never had before. Jeremy was providing both a level of unknown pleasure as well as a feeling there was more to come. Mike, in her, was thrusting his hips gently upwards as she clasped harder over him, taking the full length of his cock. As she did she felt the surge of excitement.

“Naughty,” said Jeremy, slapping her butt again. The sting was followed by him running his mouth, hot and wet over the area, momentarily unbalancing her. “Brother dear she seems in danger of coming.”

Mike pinched her nipple and Samantha gasped. “Can’t have that, can we?” he murmured in her ear before biting her earlobe lightly. He eased off from thrusting and Samantha wanted to cry out in frustration as her excitement eased down a level.

Jeremy stood up and repositioned himself behind her, kneeling in between Mike’s legs. Samantha felt him rubbing his cock against her. She felt herself trembling, part in fear as to whether or not she could cope with what he had in mind, and part in anticipation of being filled by both men.

“What do you think, Samantha?” asked Jeremy. “Do you think you can handle two of us?”

“Yes Master,” Samantha managed to whisper.

“Louder, subordinate!”

“Yes Master,” said Samantha through gritted teeth.


Icebreaker (BDSM, MFM)



Sienna Martin has been training as a private investigator and needs a job, so when her friend Elle has a task in the snow fields, all expenses paid by DJ, the resort owner, what’s not to like? Checking out Steve and his new night club might even be fun. Trouble is, she has to pretend to be Elle, and when Connell, the hot resort manager, thinks he knows things about the real Elle that she doesn’t, things rapidly start to go wrong.

Steve and Connell seemed to be working together, or is Connell about to do a double-cross? Attracted to them both, Sienna is torn. A twenty five year old mysterious death ties them and DJ together, but just how? And when a murder attempt brings the real Elle running, and Sienna gets herself tied up in Steve’s basement just about anything might happen…

Review- 5 stars

Simone Sinna has a very stylistic way of writing that works well with her stories. Deprecating humor is often the viewpoint of the heroine, but instead of it being annoying, it helps the reader empathize with the character. As I began reading “Icebreaker” I first had a tough time understanding what the mystery was about, but that was more of a cultural thing than a writing thing. The plot, IMHO, was very original, set among the skiing world and interlaced with a twenty-five year old mystery. While our intrepid heroine, Sienna, is investigating the heroes, she stumbles across an old murder plot. Action, mystery, and lots of hot BDSM sex makes this a must read. BUY   Reviewed by: Beth D. Carter (Date: 09/13/2013)

Four Stars from Books R Us

Story Excerpt

She saw him the moment he came in. Not through the front door as she had expected, but out of the kitchens, planting a kiss on one waitresses cheek and—was he for real?—kissing Amy’s hand. Sienna rolled her eyes. Elle would have loved him. He was wearing an open-necked white shirt that revealed tufts of dark hair and loose baggy trousers that probably cost a fortune. Taking a deep breath, Sienna went up to order another coffee.

As Steve was holding court, no one noticed her for at least a minute. And then it was him who looked up and grinned at her. She couldn’t believe it. He had dimples. Honest to God dimples and eyes to drown in.

“More coffee?” asked Amy.

Sienna nodded, eyes focused on Prescott. She had wanted his attention. Seemed like she now had it but how best to leverage it?

“You’re Steve Prescott,” she said, finally remembering her lines.

“The one and only, around here at least,” he said. “And you are?”

She meant to say Elle O’Grady. But some sixth sense at the last minute stopped her. Maybe it was remembering Connell’s flinch, or just realizing that there was no advantage at this moment to being her friend who moved in dubious circles. “Sienna Martin. I saw your photo somewhere.” She frowned. “Can’t remember where.”

Steve picked up the coffee Amy had poured, and his own, came from behind the counter, and guided her to a table.

“Skied here before?”

“Ah, not exactly.” Sienna smiled the dumbest cutesiest smile she could manage. To her annoyance Steve’s eyes look liked they glazed over. “It wasn’t a photo,” she said suddenly. “I’ve seen you somewhere. A nightclub maybe?”

“Oh really?” He was now looking around and she felt she had about five seconds before she lost him. “Which one?”

Sienna’s mind went blank. She really wouldn’t have made it as an actress. What were those clubs called? “Half Moon,” she blurted out. It had been the only one that had sounded interesting. The others had names like The Flea Pit.

The change was immediate. Steve turned and looked at her, really looked at her, and smiled. He fished a card out of his pocket and handed it to her. “If you get bored come and join us, any night from eight p.m.” Then he kissed her hand and left her shaking. It was only after she had taken several deep breaths that she managed to look at the card. Black with the picture of a woman’s red fishnet-clad leg in a very high silver heel. Written next to it was “High Towers” and a Dinner Plains address. What on earth had she just got herself invited to?


* * * *


It was a beautiful day and, remembering that at the end of her one-week skiing she had been able to mostly stay upright, it made her wish she could afford to ski. Maybe a one-day pass. Right now what Sienna needed to do was find out more about Prescott. The obvious person to try was Connell. Just how to go about it?

She found his office and unlike managers in the city there was no officious secretary barring the door. He was at his desk on the phone and looked harassed.

“No.” Silence followed as, unobserved, Sienna watched him frown and write something. “I can’t do it.” More silence. “Okay, won’t do it. It’s too dangerous. Look, can we talk about this when we meet? There’s a lot at stake.”

Sienna listened with interest. Might be nothing, but then again… Connell’s head suddenly shot up and looked directly at her. His expression suggested it wasn’t “nothing.” In fact rather giddily she wondered if he had been talking about her. He looked guilty! She smiled, a slightly less dumb version of the one she’d used unsuccessfully on Steve. It had better effect, either for the change of man or the modification.

“Yeah, speak to you then.” Connell put the phone down and smiled at her. He looked so guileless she wondered if she had imagined everything else. “Can I help you?”

“I sure hope so,” said Sienna, leaning against the door, trying to channel—was it Marlene Dietrich? Someone like that who had been her birth month’s “Old Flames” calendar picture. Connell laughed, but there was a stilted feel to the sound. “Okay you’d better come in, Ms O’Grady.”

He had remembered. She blushed but was pleased nevertheless, even if wasn’t her right name. Or was it just because he knew something about the real Elle?

“I was hoping you could help me,” she said.

Connell lay back in his chair, expression inscrutable.

“I am doing an article for Cosmopolitan,” Sienna said, noticing a flicker of—disbelief? “On the social scene in the snow fields. You seem to know your way around. I’m after some advice.”

For a moment she thought he was going to throw her out. Then, unexpectedly, Connell burst out laughing. She probably would have known how to deal with the first possibility better. As it was, she stared at him awkwardly.

“Er…did I say something wrong?”

“Ms O’Grady quite the contrary. I thought… Well, never mind. The social scene you say?” Connell’s eyes twinkled. “Just what would you like to know?”

It was tempting just to ask for the low down on Prescott and be done with this whole farce, but she didn’t know what the relationship between the two was, didn’t know why he had laughed, who he had been talking to, what he had been thinking or anything about what was dangerous and at stake. No, she’d have to keep playing this game until the end of the week.


Adult Excerpt

“Tell us what you think of my sub,” said Steve, hand wandering over her breast from where he must have been standing at the back of her chair.

“Perfect.” It was, Sienna was sure, Connell. And there was a degree of awe in his tone. She didn’t doubt for a moment that he meant what he had said, and the knowledge gave her confidence. She relaxed just a little, enough to think of Connell taking her and how good it would feel.

“I think we need to see more of her though, don’t you?”

“Every little bit,” replied Connell without hesitation.

“Then I’d like you to remove her clothes.”

Sienna wondered how on earth they could do that with her manacled. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. The softness of the feathers was suddenly contrasted with cold metal at her breast bone and with a flick she realized Connell had sliced through her bra.

“That was expensive!” she protested before she remembered she wasn’t allowed to speak.

“And I will replace that and more,” said Steve. “But I will also have to punish you for speaking out of turn.”

She felt him leaning over her, and he took her nipples in his teeth, suddenly biting one while pinching the other. The initial pain eased almost immediately, the predominant thought in her mind one of longing for one of them to remove her panties so they could touch her, take her any way they wanted so long as they entered her and became one.

She didn’t have to wait long for the panties to be dispensed with. The blade of the knife lay cold against her skin, then after a flick on either side, she could feel Connell slowly pulling the material away from her, leaving her naked and exposed before him. She heard him gasp.

“She has a beautiful pussy, does she not?”


“What would you like to do to her, Connell?”

“Fuck her.”

“What do you think, Sienna Martin?” Steve asked. “Would you like to be fucked?”

“Yes, please…Master.”

“If you’re good, perhaps I will allow that but I don’t think you’ve done enough to deserve it yet.”

Sienna heard him walking around the chair. She wondered what he was doing, what he was capable of doing. She was certain…almost certain he would check with her first. Give her the chance to use the safe word. But what would he ask?

“I rather think,” said Steve, “I would like you to suck Connell’s cock. Do you think you could do that to thank him for saving your life?”

Sienna would have happily sucked Connell’s or Steve’s cock, with or without the near-death experience.

“I’m going to lay the chair back,” said Steve, and she braced herself as the chair creaked and she felt the back reclining, the arm rests moving with it. A hand brushed over her face, then she felt lips on hers. There was a softness, a tentative gentle exploration. Connell. She sank into the kiss, wanting this man and no longer trying to make sense of how she could want two men at once, why this felt so right.

“I didn’t just want to kiss you the first time I saw you,” whispered Connell. She heard him stand, then with his hand guiding the tip of his cock into her mouth.

“Lick him,” said Steve. “He wants you, and if you’re both really good, I might allow him to have you, but first I am going to taste your juices.”

Sienna licked the sweet cum from Connell’s cock and then put her mouth around the tip, sucking at first gently and then harder. Underneath the chair she could sense movement and gasped when she felt fingers opening her lips, and Steve’s tongue lapping at her cunt. As she sucked and licked, so did he, and waves of pleasure moved through her. Steve’s mouth alternated, teeth then fingers finding her clit and rubbing harder as she, too, worked harder on Connell’s cock. The blindfold curiously allowed her to focus completely, both on their enjoyment as well as hers. Her pleasure began to rise, but just as it did, Steve pulled back.

“What would you like, Sienna Martin?”

“To come,” she replied, her body craving release.

“Well, if you do that, I will spank you rather hard. Unless I tell you that you can, of course.”

Were-Devil’s of Tasmania- New Series see WereDevils section

All four now available!


The Stephanie Beauman Series

about an investigative journalist : Read all About it!

Simone Sinna’s first novel in her ‘Stephanie Beauman‘ series is “Embedded” AND The second in the series, “Exposé” and the finale, Exclusive!

NOW Available for online or hardcopy sale

@ Bookstrand or Amazon  See more details and exceprts below.





New York journalist Stephanie Beauman goes undercover in Sydney Australia to investigate a corrupt business deal, taking a job as hostess for enigmatic businessman Gabriel de Romanos. Initially confident, and with groundsman Reno as her ally, she is drawn into a world of high-stakes business, wine, social excess and murder. As she accompanies de Romanos between Australia and Argentina, he and his suave rival Miguel involve her in their business and sexual games. Stephanie is forced to take increasing risks and finally to choose between her story and her own desire.

Adult Excerpt from “Embedded”:

Stephanie felt a little light-headed. Perhaps it was the wine, but Miguel’s fingers gently pressing between her toes and sending electric currents up her legs seemed to have more to do with it. The consequences? Gabriel went through her mind, but the more immediate consequence was more compelling. Miguel had a substantial erection, and her foot was less than inch from it. She couldn’t resist. Her foot rotated gently, toes tickling him through his jeans. His eyes never left her.

‘Naughty, naughty,’ he said, taking the foot to his mouth and sucking a toe.

‘She is definitely that.’ Gabriel’s soft voice drifted across the room. He put down two sherry glasses and poured them one each, then took a seat across the coffee table with his own glass.

Stephanie pulled her foot gently away and leant over to get her glass of sherry, a viscous black liquid that coated her throat with a taste of treacle.

‘Good?’ Miguel watched her.


‘Yes.’ Miguel moved closer, his hand on her bare side, pulling her gently to rest back against him. Stephanie offered no resistance, her eyes on Gabriel over the candle flame between them.

Miguel’s hand now sat on the flesh of her abdomen, hidden by the central section of the dress and electrifyingly close to her groin. His other hand put down the sherry and caressed her thigh. She leaned against his chest and could feel his biceps hard against her. The hand on her leg, in full view, edged up, her dress riding higher and higher. Gabriel watched, seemingly dispassionate. He must be turned on, Stephanie thought, before her own reaction put his to the back of her mind. Miguel’s hand was now at the edge of her panties—and the other had slowly come from above, fingers sliding under the elastic to reach the top of her shaved pubic area. She gasped.

Miguel kissed the base of her neck, and then, moving upward, his tongue gently probed her ear. Her eyes closed as a wave of pleasure swept her from head to foot. She shivered involuntarily. Opening her eyes again as Miguel continued to kiss her neck and shoulders with a warm insistent mouth, she saw Gabriel had leaned forward a little, into the light, watching her, her reactions, the suggestion of her nakedness before him. Through the shadows she stared back, daring him to stop her, daring him not to want her. She could see that he, too, had an erection. The knowledge fed her confidence. She moaned softly and leant back into Miguel, giving in to the sensations.


Exposé” now as an E Book and as a print copy in August 2012.

Second of three in the Stephanie Beauman series, Exposé takes investigative journalist Stephanie from New York where she is recovering from the end of her affair with Gabriel, undercover again, this time on a film set across France and Spain. Producer Jeffrey Carroway wants an award – enough to step aside as director and allow industry darling Paolo Valdez direct. But is he also prepared to pay? Trying to uncover a systematic fraud, Stephanie finds more than she bargained for when things start going very wrong on set. Sabotage, bribery and artistic integrity are all in the mix as Stephanie plays Paolo against Jeffrey, whilst juggling handsome actor Damian Croft, trying to work out just why Carlo is keeping such a close eye on her and wondering if she will every truly escape Gabriel.

First Review (on Siren)

[1] Exposé (MF) by Simone Sinna (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.)
Categories: Contemporary
I loved Simone Sinna’s first book in the Stephanie Beauman series and
eagerly awaited Expose. This one takes the investigative journalist from New
York, where she is recovering from the end of her affair with Gabriel, to France
and Spain. Producer Jeffrey Carroway is making a film on the Camino de
Santiago—the famous pilgrims’ walk—and Stephanie has a tip-off that he is
planning to buy himself an Academy Award. Stephanie joins the film crew and
finds more than she bargained for when things start going wrong on set. I
don’t know much about film crews but all the petty jealousies, tantrums thrown
by the stars and fights between the producer and director sounded realistic to
me. Sinna’s sparkling writing highlighted the tensions, bringing them alive to
such an extent that that much over-used phrase ‘page-turner’ really applies
in this case. Sabotage, bribery, and artistic integrity are all in the mix as
Stephanie struggles to find out who’s trying to destroy the film and who, if
anyone, is trying to buy that award. I have to confess that I didn’t guess,
which is good because I usually do! Stephanie isn’t afraid to do whatever it
takes to get her story, and for that I admire her. She’s attracted against her
will to the charismatic Carroway, gets entangled with director Paolo and male
lead Damian Croft. She also needs to figure out why the location manager is
keeping such a close eye on her, and wonders whether she will ever truly escape
Gabriel. I can’t wait for book three to find out if she finishes up with
Gabriel. I kinda hope she does. Entertaining, witty, lots of hot sex and even
hotter sunshine. What more could you ask? Do yourself a favour and buy a copy of
this fun, well-researched novel. You won’t regret it. BUY
Reviewed by: Wendy Soliman (Date: 05/01/2012)

Adult Excerpt from Exposé

‘Ah, fun, yes.’ Jeffrey circled her. Her legs were trembling so much she thought they would give way. She could smell his aftershave, a deep musk. And despite her terror – or maybe because of it – she could feel her juices soaking her G string. He put his face very close to hers and whispered in her ear. ‘I think perhaps I will have some fun.’

Now Stephanie’s legs nearly did give way, but Jeffrey was there, an arm on hers holding her steady. The firmness of his grip was electrifying. There was no doubt what it conveyed. She wasn’t going anywhere until he decided she was.

Jeffrey pushed her towards the bed.

‘I have a party I need to get back to though.’ He bent down into his bag. ‘And I’d hate you not to be here when I get back.’ He grabbed her hands and pulling her over to the edge of the bed wrapped then around the post and using a tie, bound them tightly together. Her protests were useless. Her strength against his was insignificant and he was making a show of his dominance.

‘I could gag you too I suppose,’ he said, so close to her that their lips were almost touching. ‘But I’d rather like to give you the choice. I will of course deny I had anything to do with this and as I’m paying I rather think they’ll believe me don’t you?’

Stephanie watched in horror as he wandered nonplused down the corridor and let himself out, leaving her to decide whether explaining breaking and entering – albeit with the strange twist of ending up tied to the bed – or waiting for him to return. At the thought of the latter her legs gave way and she slumped down to the floor, arms slip behind her and preventing her sitting with comfort. If she didn’t scream now, wasn’t she essentially assenting to whatever it was he had in mind?


Investigative journalist, Stephanie Beauman, takes an undercover job helping dangerously attractive Jeffrey Caroway make a documentary touring the glamorous International Grand Prix circuit, only to find that former lover Gabriel de Romanos is now an owner of the Argentinean team. Gabriel will stop at nothing to win both the championship and Stephanie, and sees French driver Jean-Luc as the biggest obstacle to both. Jeffrey, having already rejected her, once may need to be called on again as they race towards the glittering climax at the new Texas circuit where Stephanie’s uncovering of murder and corruption puts her own and Jean-Luc’s lives at risk. She must decide who she can trust and who she loves, but will it be too late to find happiness?


Adult Excerpt


There was something in his look she didn’t trust. Something hidden and dangerous. She pictured her four poster bed and remembered how on another occasion when he had found her rifling through his room he had tied her up to such a bed for hours. Was he planning something like this? She still didn’t trust him yet there was this compelling juxtaposition of how well they worked together at other times. And how very very sexy she found him despite how badly he had treated her. Or was it because of that? Her mother’s preoccupation with bad boys niggled at her. Damn him. And me for being turned on by him.

She heard him walking up the stone staircase. He made no secret of it and didn’t knock. He stood in the doorway, expression guarded as he looked at Stephanie, who was wearing a totally transparent red negligee and matching panties. The fun-loving Master of the hunt had vanished. This man was a stranger and she shivered. Dressed entirely in black–it had to have been deliberate –the effect was almost certainly as intended. Stepping into the room he closed the door and locked it, putting the key in his pocket in a deliberate slow motion.

“Now,” he said softly. “My rules.”

Stephanie sat completely still. There was a menace in his voice. She knew he was far too strong for it to be worth struggling and knew from the past that he had accepted–ultimately– “no” as meaning no, but something about him now left her less certain. Did he want her to show fear? Was that part of it for him or did he need her to fight? Better to sit and watch. Wait and let him make his move and then decide how to play whichever game it was that he was intent on playing. Then decide if she wanted to play.

“I never did get you to suck me,” Jeffrey said, never taking his eyes off her as he undid his shirt and threw it onto the chair. He stepped closer to her, leaned down and kissed her with an unnerving gentleness. The softness of his lips barely brushed her lips and his tongue gently touched the tip of her tongue before he softly licked the edge of her lips. He stepped back and took off his shoes and socks, again never taking his eyes off her. Pants still on he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, one hand over her ass, the other on a barely covered breast, as they kissed again.

Senses heightened, Stephanie felt herself responding even more intensely than before, the unknown and menacing elements putting all her senses on alert at the same time. Her body moved into his and she moaned as his lips moved to her beaded nipples. Her hand went to his pants, and he let her undo his button and fly, allowing them to drop to the floor. They fell back onto the bed into long kiss, hands over each other, Stephanie pulling down his briefs. His cock was long and the end glistened, ready to enter.

Stephanie knelt down, and took him in her mouth, tongue teasing over the tip and then with a sudden movement putting her lips over and sucking long and hard. Jeffrey moaned. She sucked more, alternating the pressure and occasionally taking a moment to lick down the shaft, giving herself a chance to take in how superb his body was. Muscular, tense, no obvious excess weight, the build of a man still in his prime.  She thought at one moment he might come so she eased back, but he urged her to go on. Just as she was sure he would come, he suddenly groaned and cursed under his breath, rolling away from her.

Startled she sat still, watching.

“I would very much like to fuck your brains out,” he said moving back toward her, pulling her butt into him, fingers of one hand at the edge of her sex.

“Yes please,” murmured Stephanie trying to kiss him but he turned his head with sudden purpose.

“And I will,” he said slowly, “if you still say yes when I tell you the rules.”


Were-Devil’s Curse Story Excerpt


Becc heard the car stop over by the house and a car door’s slam. She was pretty sure that at least one of the voices was a woman’s, and curious, she went to the door and peered out.

The car was a compact SUV, probably a good choice given the condition of the road. The two new arrivals were rugged up in what looked like brand new bad-weather walking outfits. The man was in khaki colors, a bear with a shock of white hair and a huge camera hung over his arm. Tilman walked over to them. The woman, in fawn, Becc recognized. It was the tall blonde woman from town. The woman, rather than looking at Tilman, turned in Becc’s direction and her eyes focused on her. Becc felt her hand stroking the devil stone in her pocket before she even knew what she was doing. Shaken, Becc withdrew inside wondering who they were.

Tilman returned to the Center about ten minutes later. She hadn’t heard the car depart, so she was not surprised to see the visitors in tow.

“Come and join us for coffee.” It was a statement rather than an invitation. Becc followed Tilman, aware that he was on edge, and watched curiously as he again locked the door behind him.

“Why do you lock it?” Becc asked.

Tilman looked at her. “It must always be locked, no exceptions,” he said. “There are people who…would like me to fail.”

The groups who were opposed to him having an infected animal this side of the highway?

She wondered if she should ask who the visitors were but figured she’d find out soon enough.

Lena, the cool blonde with the green eyes was introduced as a reporter from Brisbane, Queensland, Zac as her camera man. His eyes, like hers, were green, and both their skins were so white as to seem translucent.

“They want to do an article on the work I’m doing here with the devils,” said Tilman. He seemed distracted, and after a few minutes Becc decided she was being used as a delaying tactic. Tilman was looking out for his sons. For them to appear or in hope they wouldn’t? And why?

“I only arrived yesterday,” said Becc. “But you’ve come from even further than me. Why the interest from Brisbane?”

“We work for Nature’s World,” said Lena with a smile that showed her white teeth to full effect but without any warmth. “We cover an array of animal stories. The devil’s plight is a uniquely Australian one.”

“Quite,” agreed Becc. “But you’ve come a long way from where most of the Save the Tasmanian devil action is happening. Have you been to the Conservation Park?”

“Yes of course,” said Lena. “I interviewed Professor Van der Veill early in the week.”

Becc intuited rather than saw a slight movement from Tilman. She wondered if one his son’s was in the vicinity, but if so, he didn’t materialize.

“He suggested I also speak to Professor Tremain,” Lena continued. “We’d love to get a photo, perhaps of you both?”

“No.” Tilman’s tone was decisive enough to leave no room for doubt. “I don’t do photos, and the animals are asleep so we can’t disturb them.”

Lena shrugged. “Perhaps then you can tell us a bit about your progress then?”

She was really very attractive, thought Becc, but why did it feel so faked? Certainly the woman was wearing a lot of makeup and her long fingernails were painted bright red. Becc looked self-consciously to her own, which hadn’t seen more than a cursory file in months. Lena on the other hand looked pristine, right down to the walking boots that had surely never seen more dirt than the walk from the car to the house.

“My father doesn’t talk about his work.”

Becc recognized Jarrod’s voice immediately. She again felt a flicker of movement from Tilman, and this time she was sure it was relief.

Lena looked toward the door where Jarrod was standing, Jesse at his side. The tension that filled the air was so strong that Becc found herself holding her breath. The devil stone she had transferred to her jeans pocket seemed to will itself into her hand.

“What a pity,” said Lena, her voice now not just cold but with a dangerous edge. Becc almost thought she saw a snarl. The bear-sized man at her side seemed to have grown in stature beside her. “I suppose you two don’t want to be in a photo either? You’d make a…striking…image to bring attention to…the devil.”

Becc saw Jarrod put his hand on Jesse’s arm. It seemed to restrain him. Something was going on beneath the surface here that Becc could sense but not understand. Bad blood went through her mind and as it did Lena turned her green eyes toward her, the corner of her mouth turning upward. With a start, Becc wondered if the woman could actually read her mind?

“And with your….girlfriend would be even better,” said Lena.

This time Jesse did move forward, and as Jarrod held onto him tighter, it was Tilman that stood and intervened.

“I’m sorry you’ve come so far for no purpose,” he said. “I’ll show you out to the car seeing as we can’t help you.”

“Of course,” said Lena. But on her way out she turned and stepped toward Becc. “If you change your mind,” she said in a low voice, pushing a card into Becc’s hand as she spoke. The touch, though brief, sent a physical chill directly into her blood stream.

Becc stifled a gasp as the cold coursed through her veins. She stared after the woman and watched as Tilman ushered her and her cameraman out. When she turned to look for Jarrod and Jesse, they had gone.



Adult Excerpt

Becc must have fallen asleep, because she didn’t hear a knock, but suddenly she was aware that she wasn’t alone. Though she started at the realization, she was almost immediately lulled back into a sense of deep relaxation and contentment.

“Jarrod,” she whispered. He stood before her, naked to the chest, shadows from the fire flickering across his flesh, making him look dark and exotic. She couldn’t see his eyes, but knew they were on her as she stood.

“My love,” he said. He folded his arms around her from behind, with her between him and the fire, massaging her breasts through the cotton of her top.

“I would like to have you here, on the rug,” he whispered into her ear, his words hot and sensual, the mellifluous tones mesmerizing her as much as the flames in the fireplace were.

“Yes,” she replied without hesitation. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her, where her normal common sense and caution had disappeared, but something that felt so good couldn’t possibly be anything to worry about.

“But I want you to enjoy not just me,” said Jarrod gently. “Will you trust me?”

Becc felt a wave of anticipation, but though it was tinged with fear, it was the nervousness of excitement rather than terror. She knew not why, but yes she did trust him, this man she had known for little more than twenty-four hours. Not enjoy just me? It had to mean what she thought it meant, had to mean what her body craved for, something that up until two days ago had never occurred to her, and now had her juices running with anticipation.

“Yes,” she said simply. No more than a few seconds passed, and again without hearing the door or his approach, she looked to see Jesse there in the room with them, naked also to the waist, his torso hairless, broad and muscular and gleaming with sweat in the firelight.

No words were spoken. Becc leant back into Jarrod, who was needed to keep her upright. Her eyes locked Jesse’s, who held onto the edge of the mantelpiece, seeming as much in need of support as she was. Jarrod’s hands came down, caressing her neck and then gently undoing the buttons of her blouse. She saw Jesse tense, eyes now watching as his brother exposed the milky flesh above her breasts and the mauve lace bra that allowed her now-hardened nipples to be seen.

Becc was barely aware of Jarrod lowering the blouse off her shoulders, and then undoing the bra and slipping the straps down to release her breasts. But she was completely aware of Jesse’s reaction, the moan that escaped his lips and the bulge in his trousers that seemed certain to burst the zip.

“Taste her,” said Jarrod softly, inviting his brother. For a moment it seemed Jesse was paralyzed but then he took the step forward, sinking his head between her breasts, a hand on each one to take each nipple in turn to his mouth.

The sensation was exquisite. Behind her the softness of Jarrod’s lips and tongue on her neck and ear contrasted to the more insistent mouth of Jesse, pulling her nipple and chewing, a feeling that bordered on pain, had not it been for the compensating waves of electricity that it sent through her.

Becc could feel the heat of both men, the desire clear in Jarrod in the hardness of his cock as it rubbed against her butt. Jesse now moved his hands to her hips and knelt down in front of her, his mouth going to her belly button, licking her before his teeth gripped the button of her jeans and pulled them open. More impatient than Jarrod, he pulled her jeans down, but Jarrod’s hands came onto her hips from behind, clamping over the side strings of her thong and keeping it in place. Jesse ran his hands down, touching her bare legs as he dragged the jeans with them, but in front of his eyes was the triangle of flimsy lace material between him and her sex.

Jesse groaned. Jarrod had a hand on each breast, kissing her and pulling her tight to him, as Jesse leant forward and ran his tongue from her umbilicus, downward to the edge of her thong as his hands were edging upward to the top of her thighs.

Becc had never experienced such bliss. The ability to give herself to these two men and whatever they had planned was opening doors into pleasure zones she hadn’t known existed. Jarrod seemed to be completely in tune with her, as if he had a direct connection to her soul and was able to read her every need almost before she herself was aware of it. Through the subtlest of signals he seemed to be able to accelerate and pull back Jesse’s pace. Just as she thought she couldn’t bear the suspense of him delaying touching her more intimately, Jarrod, pulling her to him, dropped to his knees, lowering her with him, then slid her onto the thick rug stretched before the fire.

Jarrod let her rest back, as he stood again. He and Jesse stood over her and both lowered their jeans and briefs. Becc took them both in, awed that men could be so beautiful. And not just one, but two, both fixated and adoring of her. In the firelight their bodies looked smooth and muscular, Jesse stronger and tauter with a wide cock that left her wondering about him entering her, Jarrod fit and lean, cock long and hard as he watched her.



Short Stories

I’ve never been much of a short story person but it seemed a place to get started and I found it was fun!

I have four short stories published with Stringybark availalble here

The Eighth Sin in Seven Deadly Sins, Unconventional in Tainted Innocence. Despite the name this is actually a romance with a twist not erotica! It was shortlisted for the Stringybark Twisted competition.

Nightgames is in a collection of Erotica: Between The Sheets

Brushstrokes was shortlisted for the Stringbark Erotic short story competition and is in Heat Wave of ’76



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